Foundation 3

Develop and Strengthen Practitioner Knowledge and Skills in Adaptive Management

Our third foundation of success is to develop the capacity of individuals and organizations working in conservation to be more effective in their work and to learn and improve on their own. We believe there are five fundamental steps that an organization must undertake to do effective adaptive management. As detailed in the Conservation Measures Partnership’s Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation, these five steps for adaptive management are:

1. Conceptualize

2. Plan Actions and Monitoring

3. Implement Actions and Monitoring

4. Analyze, Use, Adapt

5. Capture and Share Learning

Each step requires specific aptitudes, knowledge, and skills. Through our work to develop the capacity of organizations and individuals in each of these five steps, Foundations of Success helps build our partners’ ability to plan, manage, monitor, and evaluate their conservation projects, and learn from their own experiences, and experiences from other sites.

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